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January 30, 2022
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Anais Behrens Is Helping To Change The Fashion Industry

We are closing this week with a message of positivity. All bodies are beautiful and all bodies are good bodies, we already knew that. But it seems like modelling is slowly starting to admit that as well and to diversify their representation.

We have already talked about more inclusive model agencies, like Amber Dawn’s one. Remember, this Australian agency recruiting models and not discriminating them because of their size, gender, race, or ability?

We have also talked about an incredible and flamboyant non-binary model: Tzef Montana. If you are unfamiliar with their work, we can only recommend you to go check their photographs. We are in love with them!

Well, today, we are focusing on Anais Behrens. This curvy Mexican model and wedding planner is here to spread self-love. And we love it!

Browsing down her Instagram account is like seeping on sweet tea. She is serving love, she is serving body and she is serving face. If this is the new face of the fashion industry, then maybe things are not as helpless as we thought they were!

Anais also uses her account to talk about her doubts and her mental state, explaining how she can sometimes feel like a burning sun, full of energy, and sometimes, grey, tired and lost in the clouds. And sometimes, it feels good to hear someone voicing what we are feeling deep down too (it is okay to feel sad and tired sometimes. Just do not forget to ask for help if you need it). But Anais always leaves us with a message of hope - as she says: long live the photos in panties, today and always!

Honestly, we do not have a lot more to add than: go check their photographs and treat yourself to a big tea cup of plus-size representation and self-love. We all need it in this never-ending January month.


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