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Jordyn Jay
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August 25, 2021
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Making Black Trans Femmes Visible in Art: BTFA’s Mission

BTFA is a collective for Black trans women and Black non-binary femmes who are interested in arts. Founded by Jordyn Jay, it was created as a response to the lack of representation of Black trans femmes in art history, art scholarship and artistic spaces.

BTFA is a much-needed collective that helped create a black trans artistic community, uplifting and bringing together artists who would otherwise feel alone. Jordyn says that through the collective she wants to celebrate trans joy and talent, instead of focusing on the violence and trauma that is the main narrative around trans folks. The collective provides support to organize and implement projects led by Black trans femmes.

BTFA is currently working on creating a directory of Black trans femme artists from all around the world to help them connect and work together.

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