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November 7, 2021
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Helping Black Sexual Assault Survivor: Deun Ivory’s Mission

Black women are worthy and they deserve support. It is time we acknowledge that and start working towards ending misogynoir.

If you have read this week’s article, Aya Nakamura and the music industry: sexism, racism & colorism, you are already familiar with the concept of misogynoir. If not and if you have never heard the term before, let us quickly remind you of its meaning. Misogynoir refers to the prejudice against black women, based both on racist and sexist biases.

It encompasses a number of behaviors and consequences, from stereotypes about black women’s sexuality to the fact that black women in the US are at a far higher risk of dying of childbirth. Or, did you know that, if white women started to virtually work for free as of the 3rd of November this year due to salary inequalities, for black women the landmark was in June? Yeah.

Black women also experience sexual assault and abuse at a much higher rate and the resources providing them with adequate support are inexistent. This needs to change, and Deun Ivory is here to make sure it will.

This LA-based creative director, photographer and designer has launched a movement called ‘black women are worthy’ and its connected non-profit brand ‘the body: a home for love’. This is the first ever global network for and by black sexual assault survivors. Their goal is to provide long-term and adequate support for black sexual assault survivors by making their needs both a priority and visible.

They are currently looking for help to reach their fundraising goals. So, if you are interested in the project you can have a look at their short film to better understand what they stand for. You can also visit their website and donate if you can/want, or buy one of their ‘black women are worthy’ t-shirts.

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