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September 2, 2021
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Girls Who Code: Closing the Gender Gap in Technology

Girls Who Code is a US-based non-profit organization that has set out to close the gender gap in technology.

Indeed, even though many women actually code, the truth is that they are still underrepresented in this male-dominated field. In 2020, women made up only 26% of computing jobs!

This also has an impact on the programs and technology that are produced: gender and racist biais are often incoporated in the final products. And with a majority of white male programmers, you can imagine the size of the problem!

Girls who code offer various activities for girls. Because inclusivity is one of their key value, this includes trans and cis girls, as well as nonbinary folks. After school clubs, college programs and summer programs welcome girls from all backgrounds to learn essential computing skills that will help them land jobs in tech later. ⁠

Image credits: Girls Who Code


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