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Catherine Guthrie
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June 11, 2021
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Reclaiming My Body After Breast Cancer

With the end of breast cancer awareness month getting closer, we’ve never understood the strength needed physically but also mentally from breast cancer fighters.

Different stories, whether empowering, sad, inspiring, all touch us differently and remind us in a way of our own strength.

The incredible book Flat, by Catherine Guthrie did exactly that. The way the author and so many other women reclaimed their bodies after double mastectomies following breast cancer shows how empowering it is to take control over your own body and ignore society’s expectations of what it should look like.

We often forget how powerful our body is when trying to adapt to whatever the beauty standards are at that moment in time, this book reminds you that the path less traveled can often make you happier and help pave the way for others.

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