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August 31, 2021
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Tzef Montana is Crushing Gender Norms One Picture At A Time

Tzef Montana is a non-binary model, dancer and queer activist who is changing the face of fashion.

Inspired by Hannah Montana (as one should), she took her surname and moved to L.A to pursue her dreams. For Tzef, authenticity is a number one priority: she is not a model in the traditional sense. Instead of representing brands, she represents queerness and, most importantly, herself.

‘My gender is queer. It’s not just about pink or blue, it’s about fluidity beyond any one idea of what’s right for anyone. I didn’t discover the word queer until a little later, but around the age of 19, I started to feel more aware of who I was and what I wanted. It required a lot of communication skills just to be me, but if you’re okay with explaining yourself all the time and have the ability to do it well, your life can be very rich. Plus, I eventually realized gender norms and the way people performed them were the problem, not me’.

Photo credits: Niko Karamyan


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