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B. Anele
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March 30, 2022
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Never limiting themselves to a medium, B. Anele brings art to your closet. Through 2000s references and unexpected shapes and cuts, their wearables are an ode to pop culture and a statement against gender norms.

29-years-old artist B. Anele is eclectic and fascinating. From and currently based in Houston, Texas, the gender-nonconforming artist spent a lot of time in Los Angeles, where they could explore their art and exchange with other artists. Transdisciplinary, they like to explore and mix mediums, without boundaries or hierarchies. Mainly self-taught, B. Anele started making wearable art objects in 2016. They liked the idea of making art you could wear, making it accessible and not confined in museums or gallery walls.

Anele’s creations explore uncharted territories, creating a fulfilling space for those who are marginalized. Their garments are raw, expressive and never contained. Colorful and unapologetic, they become a mean of expression for their wearers. Full of 90-2000s references, their designs are hand-painted on the fabric. Playing with cuts and dyes, Anele reinvents the fashion era with a queer twist.

When Anele began 8 palms in 2015, they intended their pieces to be exhibited as art. Their work has been displayed on many occasions in group and solo shows in Houston, Austin, Oakland, Los Angeles, Portland, and New York City. One of their biggest exhibits, ‘I DON’T PLAY THAT GAME’, took place in 2018 at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. With a fashion show and pieces mixing paintings and garments, the exhibition marked a turning point in Anele’s career. Though they progressively turned towards ready-to-wear garments, B. Anele hasn’t stopped working on many other projects: In February 2021, they opened the Blue Rose Gallery back in their hometown of Houston, TX. The mystique black wall gallery was raised from the ruins of an old house that B. Anele personally renovated. A space  of exhibits and performances, no commissions are taken from artists in order to nurture a space of free creative expression. You can help Anele with the gallery by participating in the GoFundMe.

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