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March 25, 2022
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Edgy fair and queer: inside Remesalt’s closet

To queerify your closet, no need to hurt the planet. Discover Remesalt, a Berlin-based fashion fair brand embracing genderlessness and sustainability.

Founded by Francisco Remesal Gonzalez, Remesalt is a brand with a clear vision. Fashion nowadays is more about branding, marketing influencing, and a lot of other words ending with -ing. Microtrends are the new norm, lasting a couple of weeks to a couple of hours, and consumption is the keyword. But nothing is empowering in this endless fashion cycle: it is based on the exploitation of thousands of young women in poor countries and produces tons of clothes that end up in landfills, taking decades to centuries to decompose. It is not news to anyone, but change is yet to be made. The need to rethink the fashion industry entirely is more than urgent. Art is not a word we think of when fashion is being discussed. Yet that is what brands like Remesalt try to emphasize: Fashion is art, a skilled craftmanship demanding expertise, knowledge, and time. With his creations, Francisco Remesal Gonzalez makes a political statement.

Born in Andalusia, Francisco Remesal Gonzalez always had a thing for fashion. Growing up, he would imagine and create clothes for his dolls. Despite this long-time passion, Francisco Remesal ended up majoring in political sciences and sociology, with a master's degree in conflict resolution. Far from the fashion world? Yes, but not entirely, as he has stated regularly that his degree helped him a lot navigating the fashion industry. His 3 years stay in Morocco was a turning point, inspiring him to go back to fashion. He started Remesalt in Cadiz, Spain, shortly after. The idea of moving to Germany was always there: Berlin’s underground culture, creativity, and freedom inspires Francisco Remesal. The brand quickly moved to the city, where it is now based.

Remesalt’s clothes stand out by their silhouette. Genderless, the clothes themselves have a certain fluidity, with transparent fabric and flowy cuts. Francisco Remesal considers clothes as a language, a language he constructs through various inspirations: Flamenco and its drama, old paintings, or the underground queer scene. The clothes, handmade in Berlin or Szczecin, are crafted with sustainability in their core. They are constructed with leftovers textiles from the industry, or organic cotton and ecological materials. They also collaborate with the artist Muriel Gallardo Weinstein, that uses their textile waste to make art. This whole process gives birth to statement pieces, that will certainly make their impact for your next queer party, but not on the planet.


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