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September 15, 2021
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Karoline Vitto Has Decided To Make Women Feel Confident In Their Body

The rolls, the curves, the folds and the dips… what if we showed them off?

This is the radical idea behind the size inclusive womenswear line by Karoline Vitto, a Brazilian-born designer. Her garments leave space for the female body to breathe and to protrude where it needs to - creating a silhouette that feels natural and comfortable.⁠

Instead of trying to fit into clothes, we should be trying to find clothes that fit our body. It is crazy that even today this is a rebellious idea. Vitto wants to ‘celebrate those areas that we are almost told to hide, the ones we tend to feel most self-conscious about.’ She does that, and more: she gives women the power to feel confident in their body - a rare moment in the fashion industry.⁠

You can admire Karoline’s work in the gallery down below!

Photo credits: Karoline Vitto

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