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Patrick Church
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September 2, 2021
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Patrick Church Designs Clothes to Make You Feel Strong and Protected

Patrick Church is a British multimedia artist. He is a painter AND a fashion designer, and he often merges the two worlds together.

His signature portraits with wide eyes and big lips appear on the handmade garments that even celebrities like Bretman Rock have sported. ⁠Naturally, his customers are mainly of the LGBTQ+ community, and Patrick keeps this in mind while designing:

‘I would love for anyone that wears my work to feel empowered, strong and protected. I think that we as a community can easily feel very self-conscious at times, and I want to do the opposite of that’.

We are in love with his amazing ‘Venus’ wrestling bodysuit (that can also be worn as swimwear). Browse through the gallery down below to discover more of his work!

Photo credits: Patrick Church

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