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December 27, 2022
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Celebration of heritage through fashion Edvin Thompson's Theophilio

When trying to build a list of emerging artists that are change-makers and true to a cause, Theophilio immediately came to mind. Here's why :

Since starting the label in 2016, designer Edvin Thompson has built a community and showcased openness and richness of origins and backgrounds. Coming from Jamaican heritage, the now Brooklyn-based designer infuses all his creations with an inclusive and celebratory spirit. And it can truly be felt when witnessing the show-stopping collections of Theophilio. Vibrant colors and full of textures in an ode to heritage, and as a standout in an often monotonous fashion landscape. 

All signs point to a bright future when thinking of the brand, whether it be with its wish to be less elitist or aim to be as welcoming to everyone as possible, celebrating diversity. It stands for love within the community and pride, an essence that is felt when witnessing Thompson's work. 

Often referencing personal experiences in his work, it is offering a sense of nostalgia and cultural references. With his latest collection for SS23, he offers an exploration of Y2K he had grown up surrounded by, portrayed through his own immigrant experience. Tackling on some general as well as on some personal references. With a general recollection of what was, with some references to early 2000s Tom Ford, and taking that sexiness to today's day and age. 

Sensibility and feeling sexy whilst being comfortable, a challenge that the young designer addressed with brio. Unmatched energy - a brand and designer certainly very refreshing.
At its focus, the celebrations and overcoming of obstacles and triumphs of life. Looking fresh and good whilst facing adversity. Clothing as a way to give a voice to everyone's life stories. Design With an intersectional ideology and care for every individual - Theophilio

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