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September 27, 2021
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Queer Accessories For Everyone: Check Out Queer Dream’s Creations

Yes, queer people loving crystals, mushrooms and astrology is terribly clichés. But who are we to judge?

Especially when it is on gorgeous jewels, like the ones Queer Dream makes. This young Italian and queer autoentrepreneur crafts unique and handmande jewels. Ranging from alien spaceship pronouns earrings to clay mushrooms earrings, not to forget crystal necklaces and bisexual flag cacti earrings, her Etsy shop has everything you need!

We love the witchy vibe attached to her creations, as well as the bold and vibrant colors that she uses. If you want to look fabulous while supporting a small queer business, her online shop is just the right place for you!

If you are not convinced yet, have a look at her creations down below!

Photo credits: Queer Dream

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