Kevin Germanier Paris Fashion Week SS24 Beaded Catwalk Show Spring Summer
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October 25, 2023
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Germanier SS24 Collection: Monstrously Hot Couture

In a parking lot near the Eiffel Tower, Kevin Germanier unveiled his outrageously colorful creations for the Spring-Summer 2024 season. The collection consists of pieces as dangerous as they are alluring, a testament to his boundless imagination. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at this daring and extravagant fashion spectacle.

When asked to sum up his Spring-Summer 2024 collection in a single word, Kevin Germanier enthusiastically exclaimed, "monstrous!" But he didn't stop there, adding, "It's a runway of monstrous beauty." And monstrous it is! The approximately thirty ensembles presented this season perfectly embody this description. Sequin-clad outfits shimmer like sea slugs, which served as the inspiration for the myriad patterns adorning form-fitting jumpsuits and dazzling gowns.

Models strutted down the runway with their heads entirely concealed beneath mountains of glitter, metallic cutouts, and red spikes reminiscent of viruses or aliens. The inspiration behind these whimsical creations? A monster that you might doodle on a piece of paper during a therapy session. Kevin Germanier links this concept to his approach to upcycling: from an amorphous mass, he extracts his creations, conjures his own monsters, and breathes life into them using the materials that inspire him.

"Who said this material is ugly? Who said this fabric or color is a fashion faux pas? I don't care. I take it all and break the rules," he declares proudly.

But it's not all extravagant gowns and alien-inspired ensembles; Germanier's Spring-Summer 2024 collection also breaks away from the brand's signature all-pearl looks, featuring a more ready-to-wear wardrobe. Think sequin-embroidered jeans and feather-adorned jackets that you can easily imagine in your everyday wardrobe. "The looks we presented are iconic, but each piece can also stand alone. They are still pants, long-sleeve tops, and more," says Kevin Germanier. It's a new way to approach the commercial aspect of my creations while retaining their grandeur.

Germanier's favorite look of the collection is a showstopper, adorned with a large circle of feathers and an abundance of sequins, playfully referred to as "the blue sun." It straddles the line between kitsch and elegance, and Kevin Germanier admits, "This look scared me quite a bit, not that I dislike carnivals, but I still have a business to run!" Who can wear such creations? According to the designer, anyone who identifies as an alien and loves to wear Germanier is welcome. His creations aren't necessarily just for humans!

Germanier's Spring Summer 2024 collection is a fantastic fusion of avant-garde fashion and upcycled art, a testament to his boundless creativity and a celebration of the monstrous beauty that lies in the unexpected. So, whether you're feeling like a sea slug or an alien from outer space, embrace the monstrous allure of Germanier and let your fashion freak flag fly!


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