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September 22, 2022
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Dive into Adeline Rappaz's omnific fashion world

We got the chance the emerging swiss designer Adeline Rappaz at this years Modesuisse edition. A conversation around handcraft, family and great collaborations.

Naïma Stark - How do you feel today and how is ModeSuisse for you?

Adeline Rappaz - Yes, I presented my collection at the Hyères festival in France and now, here, it's also a possibility for me to present it in Switzerland. As it's my native country, it's also interesting to reach a Swiss public and to have a feedback here too.

NS- What do you want to convey through this collection? We see that you pay a lot of attention to accessories, Etc. and that visually there is areal universe proposed. What is the inspiration ?

AR- For this collection, I really worked on my family heritage. My parents are hippies and punk, and so they really made me learn to work with my hands. The craft, and also to work with the idea and awareness of the environment. And actually, I really wanted to work on that side where it's a little bit more punk, a little bit more trashy. While also using only upcycled fabrics and natural dyes. And I linked all this with my passion for haute couture of course. A desire to have large volumes, strapless jackets, etc.. I explored this contrast in fact of these two worlds that a priori have little in common.

NS- You present something theatrical, I saw that you painted the models a lot. And at times, I found that they were like creatures (?)

AR- I'm always very inspired by the science fiction and fantasy world. So, I really imagine them as creatures. And so, it's funny that you tell me that you really see it that way.

NS- You were at HEAD. Since then, how are you doing? What has happened a little bit for you?

AR- When I finished my masters collection, I did some internships in Paris. At Givenchy, at Chloé and finally at Schiaparelli. And that's where I work now. So, in this house and next to it, I make my personal collections. So, it's really combining the company/brand world and succeeding in creating my own collections for the future.

NS- But did you know Benjamin Bühler at Schiaparelli?

AR- No, he was already gone. But yes, I was told about it I don't know him personally, but we talked about it. I also asked questions. So it's funny.

NS- You mentioned Hyères. I saw that it was a very interesting collaboration with Chanel. How was the experience?

AR- The goal was for each person to work with a Chanel workshop. And I worked with the Verneuil en Halatte workshops which specialize in Chanel bags. And the  idea was to bring back upcycling, and the somewhat raw work in a luxury craft and luxury materials. And I found it interesting to work with broken plates and to bring them to the table. And then how they reappropriated it to create a luxury object with their craft.

NS- It's interesting the mix between you coming in with strong ideas and an established house with its codes, etc. This association must be quite enriching to live (?)

AR- Yes, it's very interesting to work with them. And they also have gold in their hands, which allows for all kinds of other processes. And they, themselves, told me that the Chanel collections often repeated themeselves. And so, they also found it interesting to work with young designers, to get out of their daily life.

NS- So thank you for everything, very nice talking to you, can't wait to see it all!

Photographic credit goes to Etienne Tordoir, CATWALKPICTURES and 24 heures


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