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August 18, 2022
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Gogo Graham is a designer you should definitely keep an eye on

In search of design inspos? An ethical brand ? Well look no further, we have the answer for you: fashion design extraordinaire; Gogo Graham.
The young American designer, with no fear of pushing the boundaries of design and tradition, has once again pushed the standards of the fashion industry. She recently came out with a FW 22 collection that premiered at New York fashion week, and we loved it! She, since 2014 has amassed a loyal following from all over the globe.
A Texas native, the young trans designer then moved to New York, where she is now based. Graham designs for trans women as she herself didn’t find a brand that truly embodied her and her needs. Her style and aesthetic evolve as she does, and she does not have a rigid approach and accommodates her designs to the wearer’s needs. The model quasi dictate the piece’s shape.

The young woman is admirable in the approach she is taking on consumerism. Her collections are totally up-cycled and, she manages to run an indie brand. She rejects the wasteful fashion habits and cycle most brands participate in.  As mentioned earlier, she is completely independent and self-funds her shows and brand. Moreover, she is an active advocate for trans rights and is a true beacon for the community and its rights. She through the years, has been part of a community, uplifting and supporting each other.
Her work is patchwork and transformative: you can see the fabrics old life and its reuse. She embellishes the already existing; it is truly something of a life motto. She transforms the ordinary into fantasy. Her process is one of regrowing beauty in everyday objects / common article of clothing.
Her recents fall-winter 22 collection; home! sweet home!  Has been more than awaited and has been heavily praised. Inspired by a track from an 80’s Japanese movie the collection is cozy but striking. It beams of playfulness and somehow innocence, like a child’s fantasy almost. The whole proposition has flair and is veritably refreshing in today’s fashion landscape.
Go check check out her work and let yourself be transported into the designers work and aesthetic !

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