Agogo Rainbow Inclusive Streetwear
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Agogo Rainbow
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May 26, 2021
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Agogo Rainbow the inclusive streetwear made in France

Ever wished you started an iconic streetwear brand with your best friend?

Well that’s exactly what Élo Gaud and Jo Gobin did, and we don’t think anyone could have done it better.

Inspired by their origins, from the Rio beaches to the lush French meadows and of course french rap, their passion for fashion is what truly brought the colourful gender neutral streetwear project together. 

Their joie de vivre and active effort to make the world a better and more inclusive place positively shines through in their AGOGO Rainbow collection.

They seamlessly incorporate diversity and representation in every way possible and these gender neutral monochromatic looks are no exception.

Rihanna once said “fashion is my defense mechanism” and all we can hope is that AGOGO’s new Rainbow Collection will boost our immune system through the pandemic!

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