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December 20, 2022
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When ballet meets fashion: crystalizing beauty by Caroline Reznik

Designer Caroline Reznik is the hit name in fashion right now. Who is the person behind the eponymous brand? Well, let's dive into the artist's story to understand everything behind its recent success.

Caroline Reznik is a promising Australian fashion label, mainly focused on handcrafted garments. Its pieces are sought after for their fine embrace of the body and its curves and have been dubbed by celebrities on various occasions.

As a former baller dancer, Reznik had always been in direct contact with costume design and embroidery, especially through her mother who became a costumier for the Australian ballet. The young designer wasn't unfamiliar with upcycling and restoration work on her dance wear at the time as well.

She then decided to pursue fashion design and graduated with a degree in fashion, where she developed her spirit and design language. the brand went on to exist to empower, all with its details and handcrafted designs perfectly adorning the body in all its movements.

Offering since then, minimalist and flawlessly tailored collections and the latest release of her first ready-to-wear capsule, “Mirror Noire”, being a full success, propelling the young designer to the forefront of Australian fashion. With as her main inspiration; the dance world she originated from her design aim to transcribe body movements, as well as respect static, quite a risky gamble. Often using textiles ad layering it with hardware pieces and thus achieving this soft and hard look at the same time, expressing the vulnerable and tough world of ballet.

A dichotomy and mesmerizing design that refers to the codes of feminity and ballet codes that's what makes her so unique and attractive in the queer community among others- garments that give a sense of empowerment and express one nature unapologetically so.

She has, over the years, demarcated herself as a designer redefining the standards of the Australian fashion landscape, as well as advocating for sustainability, handcraft, and individuality at the same time. The power of owning the narrative and asserting one's personality and celebrating the peculiar - that's what Caroline Reznik conveys through her designs. An artist you should definitely keep an eye on in the future!

Photography courtesy of the brand


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