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October 3, 2021
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Learn To Knit Your Own Clothing With James Watts’ Gorgeous Patterns

Ever dreamed of knitting your own fishnet crop top? We thought so. Just keep on reading to discover how!

If we are being totally honest, knitting might be one of these things, just like astrology, that are particularly popular in queer culture (psa: that does not mean that you are less queer if you do not like it!).

So, if you are queer and you like knitting, we think we have just found you the creator of your dreams: James Watts, gay classical musician and knitting patterns designer from Houston, Texas. This talented artist wants to focus on allowing you to express yourself, while having fun. Plus, homemade clothing is a great sustainable alternative to fast fashion!

James’ patterns cover a wide variety of clothing: sexy fishnet crop top, beanies, vibrant pullover and colorful scarf. All of his products are also featured on his Instagram account, §where James styles his clothes with on point makeup. Might we add, the pictures are gorgeous! And if you do not believe us, browse our image gallery down below.

James’ goal, after he finishes his master in violin performance, is to ‘be hot and have fun and own more gold jewelry’ (and it kind of sounds like the dream). So if you want to support James’ dreams, have a look at his pattern designs!

Photo credits: James Watts

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