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Super Nana Pride
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June 29, 2021
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This French brand is hijacking slurs against homophobia

We LOVE a fashion statement and these shirts sure have a lot to say. 

Super Nana Pride is a French clothing brand whose goal is to give courage and confidence to queer-identifying people. And how do they do that? By reappropriating homophobic slurs and turning them into real badges of honor you can wear proudly. ⁠

You guys still remember when ‘queer’ was solely a derogatory term? Then we reclaimed it and it is now accepted and widely used in the community. It’s time France catches up, too! Fiotte, pédé, tafiole? Try again, hun!

A few reasons why we love Super Nana Pride:
⁠- it’s unisex⁠
- it’s 100% cotton⁠
- it’s radical⁠
- you can flaunt your French knowledge everytime someone asks what the words on your clothes mean⁠
- wearing Super Nana Pride is a subtle way to let fellow LGBTQ+ people know you are part of the alphabet mafia

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