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May 27, 2022
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FANG knits new horizons for menswear

Tired of the narrow range still offered by men's fashion, Fang Guo has been shaking things up for a year with his queer menswear brand, FANG.

As he was still a bachelor's student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Fang Guo was shopping at a department store, looking for new clothes. In the gloomy men’s section, the binary choices offered, formalwear and sportswear, were his final straw - and the beginning of a new exciting journey.

Born and raised in Beijing, Fang Guo always had a thing for fashion. Looking forward to each weekend going shopping with his mom, he ended up moving to the US to study fine arts and fashion merchandising. As a queer man and a Chinese immigrant, Fang Guo faced prejudice for his supposed effeminacy and tried to appear more masculine through his outfits. Wanting to get out of that and expand expression through men's clothing, he launched FANG in April 2021.

The first brand’s collection was about revisiting the tank top, a traditionally hypermasculinized piece. Reinterpreting the classic shapes with cuts, straps, and bows, Fang Guo extended the possibilities of menswear. All about celebrating the body, the brand uses sensual fabrics and offers a lot of knitwear, a material that hugs the body in a sheltering way. With very romantic yet minimalist designs, FANG sets the path for a day to day menswear that gives more room to self-expression than just basic white shirts and tracksuits.

Being also more daring in the colors of his creations, Fang Guo draws inspiration from 60s art, with painters such as David Hockney. With his new summer collection 2022, the brand ventures into queer club culture with more exciting and daring pieces, such as parachute-shaped skirts and minimal ribbed dresses. The new collection campaign was captured at a real-life birthday party, for the one-year anniversary of the brand. With a lot more to offer, the young brand and its founder, Fang Guo, are certainly to watch for. Scroll down below to discover some of FANG’s creations!


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