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Cierra Boyd
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August 23, 2021
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Frisk Me Good: Discover Cierra Boyd’s Upcycled, Badass and High Fashion Creations

Frisk Me Good is a Black woman-owned sustainable clothing brand that upcycles preloved materials and turns it into badass, high fashion pieces.

One man's trash is another woman’s treasure: all creations are handmade by owner and designer Cierra Boyd.

Cierra’s most iconic designs probably are the corsets and bodysuits she makes out of deadstock sneakers. It is truly magical the way she can transform old Nikes into an artistic piece. Her creations are futuristic and vintage at the same time, AND she creates for plus-sized women (and anybody who identifies as women), too!

To quote Cierra herself: ‘We have a long way to go as far as inclusivity in fashion, but I think creators such as myself are creating their own brand images. We are tired of waiting for the fashion conglomerates to include us and it’s about time we’ve created our own world’.

Photo credits: Beatriz Valim

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