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July 15, 2023
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A Provocative Farewell To Your Sugar Daddy By Namilia

How would you dress for your Sugar Daddy's funeral? Fashion label Namilia thought about it for you and imagined outfits to keep slaying during those sad moments...

In a controversial move, Namilia staged a daring runway show at Berlin Fashion Week, presenting its spring/summer 2024 collection entitled "In Loving Memory of My Sugar Daddy." The brand, known for its explicit and politically charged references, used the runway show to send a powerful message and invite society to question patriarchy.

Directed by the dynamic duo of Emilia Pfohl and Nan Li, Namilia has never shied away from breaking limits. Since its inception, the brand has embraced political and pornographic themes, challenging traditional fashion norms. Their very first collection in 2015, named "My Pussy, My Choice," set the tone for their unapologetic approach.

For the SS24 collection, Namilia amazes us (again) and showcased a range of impressive designs, featuring string thongs adorned with crucifixes, meticulously embroidered or printed on predominantly black garments. The brand has ingeniously reimagined funeral attire provocatively, incorporating elements of lace, revealing skin, and boldly displaying slogans such as "Sex Symbol," "Slut," and even "I Love Jesus." They also used iconics Hermès bags as micro skirts, dresses and tops.

Continuing their tradition of collaborating with unconventional personalities, Namilia enlisted the presence of DJ Santa K. and Palestinian model Qaher Harhash to grace the runway in their ultra-sexy creations. This season, they chose to reinvent the concept of mourning as sugar babies in mourning attire, with some models parading in luxurious lingerie, corsets, and mini-skirts tailored from the designer bags gifted by their late sugar daddies.

Unsurprisingly, Namilia's designs already provoked strong reactions from fashion lovers. Their vision in the fashion industry remains unwavering, as they continue to challenge taboos, redefine traditional concepts, and empower individuals to hug their sexuality and assert their identity. By boldly merging the worlds of fashion, sexuality, and social commentary, the brand invites us to reflect on our own preconceived notions and liberate ourselves from patriarchal constraints.

Images courtesy of Stefan Knauer / Getty images for Nowadays


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