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May 9, 2022
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Param Sahib dresses up for success

Blogger, illustrator, painter, and fashion designer, we do not know where to start with Param Sahib Singh, besides perhaps his contagious positivity.

30-years-old Param Sahib is a vibrant interdisciplinary queer artist. With his maximalist and colorful style, he does not fear being boldly himself, for the most gorgeous creations. Based in Delhi, the blogger and influencer runs an eponymous brand that designs custom handmade clothes and accessories.

Growing up, Param Sahib loved creatins, drawing inspiration from all the colors around him. After quitting his BA in English, he pursued an education in fashion at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru. After interning and collaborating with fashion designers, he wanted to start off his own label, despite all the obstacles put on his road.

Active on social media since 2014, Param Sahib would publish paintings and illustrations of the queer Sikh community. The illustrations drew a lot of attention at the time and put his life in danger. People from the Sikh community started to threaten him, and a group of 50 men even came to his office to intimidate him. Despite the difficulties, Param Sahib managed to launch his own brand in 2016, still successful today.

Through his clothing brand, he designs modern Indian wear that stands out by its colors and daring patterns, midway between cultural traditions and modernity. He creates clothes for brides and bridesmaids as well as accessories like funky sparkly glasses. All handmade in India, the company provides employment to over 40 families.

Guided by his mom's support and his bold philosophy, Param Sahib creates new narratives for queer Sikh individuals that subvert the common caricatures in mainstream media, and provide vibrant garments with a clear message: we will not hide.


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