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February 21, 2024
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Washing toxic masculinity by wearing Official Rebrand

In the streets of New York City we can see how trends are born and reinvention is often celebrated. Official Rebrand is a fashion label that is challenging the status quo of masculinity. Led by the non-binary artist MI Leggett, is not just a brand but also a movement towards inclusivity, self-expression, and the upcycling of traditional gender norms.

Official Rebrand traces back to Leggett's time in the city of Berlin. Immersed in the city's queer art and party scene, MI Leggett experienced a shift in their understanding of identity and belonging. Here, the seeds of Official Rebrand were planted, nurtured by the fertile ground of self-realization and creative exploration.

They returned to the United States during the tumultuous American political landscape of 2016 and they found themselves grappling with a renewed sense of purpose. The rise of divisive politics and the urgent call for collective action at the time served as catalysts for the birth of Official Rebrand; a platform where fashion can become a medium for social commentary and resistance.

Central to Official Rebrand's spirit is the rejection of fixed notions of masculinity. The most important Leggett’s mission for Official Rebranding is to challenge toxic gender norms through their designs and creative projects. The brand collection confronts questions as "What is a man?", inviting viewers to reconsider definitions of masculinity. An example of Official Rebrand's ideals is the video project, "WHAT IS A MAN. » Directed by Josie Bettman and featuring a diverse cast of models, including trans and non-binary individuals. Through juxtaposition, Leggett made clear the idea that masculinity, like any identity, is fluid and evolving; a constant practice of self-discovery and collaboration.

Music also plays a pivotal role in Official Rebrand's artistic vision. Leggett curates soundtracks that reflect the multifaceted nature of masculinity in contemporary culture. Using eclectic sounds, they try to mirror the complex definitions of idolatry and demonification of masculinity in society.

At the heart of Official Rebrand lies the concept of (you guessed it) rebranding itself. Described as an act of fluidity and transformation, it must be seen as a rebellion against the stagnancy of consumerism of which most brands are victims. Leggett's design process involves repurposing deadstock materials, second-hand donations, and vintage garments, breathing new life into discarded fabrics while dismantling gendered expectations in fashion.

The journey of rebranding extends far beyond the realm of fashion, it’s primarly rooted in the transformative power of creativity. From their childhood experiments with household waste to their evolution as a non-binary artist, Leggett's path towards rebranding reflects a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Official Rebrand continues to push boundaries and challenge norms made for those seeking authenticity and inclusivity in fashion. Through their designs, well put projects and unwavering commitment to social change, MI Leggett offers a new point of you on how to improve and reshape the fashion landscape.

Images courtesy of Official Rebrand

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