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August 25, 2022
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Levau Shvelidze : Our georgian fashion crush

We recently immersed ourselves in Levau Shvelidze’s art and loved every bit of it!
In a still very conservative and oppressive Georgia, the young designer is making a statement one collection after the other.
After having graduated in 2018 from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, the designer continued being featured in multiple projects. Very openly advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in his country, Levau is part of the new generation of creators that isn’t afraid to openly contest injustices.
His brand is conscious and mostly upcycled. It puts forward queerness and openness and is, in every sense ethical. Heavily inspired by his surroundings and culture, his imagination is borderless, and he manages to constantly come up with new and innovative look. Pushing and trying to showcase the richness of Georgian culture and alternative scenes. The brand is refreshing and visionary in it’s proposal and has nonstop been surprising and boundary less.
The designer questions traditional forms and silhouettes in fashion and often delivers grotesque looking creatures. Often blurring the gender binary, he showcases very fantasy like beings. Mixing various symbols and images of Georgian culture and creating a new and refreshing vision. By sometimes taking traditional tales or lambda everyday inspirations and taking to an unreal or fantasy like realm. His work surely is experimental in its essence and seems to be very ironic at the same time. While being sexual his garments are also deforming and theatrical. An exaggeration and modification that truly makes his fashion eclectic.  
Definitely, a brand and a designer to keep an eye on as it sure isn’t the end of its surprises. A world as well as an aesthetic the young designer managed to convey is magical and we can’t wait to be witness his future work!


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