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December 28, 2021
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Ceilidh Is Stitching Punk Denim Patches Supporting Trans Rights

What if we told you, you can now buy political patches? You know, those denim patches that were so hype in the 2000s? Well, you can now buy them with political messages. How awesome is that?

Ceilidh is the queer, afab, non-binary, in a polyamorous relationship human producing the patches in the Sullyully shop. Sully-ully is the cat responsible for human resources at the shop. Yes, you read that correctly. The co-founder of the shop, who gave his name to the company, is an 8 year old cat who likes to lay on pizza boxes. That alone is enough to convince us to shop at Sullyully.

But maybe you are not sensitive to the cat argument, and it is fine. We hear you too. What if we told you that the patches are upcycled denim, handmade, and that you can personalize them? You have numerous pronoun options (she, they, ze, xe, he and so on), as well as sentences supporting trans rights, such as ‘protect trans youth’, ‘cis is not a slur’ or ‘trans voices will not be silenced’.

Ceilidh is also offering a wide range of sentences supporting queer people and consent in sex, that they will sew for you on demand, like, ‘colors have no gender’, ‘do not apologize for taking up spaces’, ‘be queer and persevere’, ‘lesbians do not exist for your enjoyment’, ‘no does not mean convince me’, and many more quircky, sharp, on-point examples.

And the punkness? The font? The stitching? On point. We absolutely love them!

So, if you want to support a fellow queer, enby folk, making slick fashion accessories for other queer people that will make your intolerant extended family frowns at family reunions, do not forget to check their Etsy shop! They are currently on a small break, but will be back soon, so keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, we will leave you with some examples of the amazing patches they craft, and maybe you will understand why we are such fans of their work. Enjoy!

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