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June 11, 2021
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The single-breast bra Lola for breast cancer survivors

Teta & Teta is a collaborative project based in a small Madrid studio, making big steps in the breast cancer community.

The non-profit organisation has many activities on the way in the social work sphere, their most popular being the single-breast bra Lola.

This is not only a market gap, but a life gap for all the women who have undergone single mastectomies.

Going even further, they gave a global solution to a global problem, by providing the patterns to the general public. Big brands such as Mango and OYSHO among others have already accepted Teta & Teta ‘s challenge to create more varied and affordable versions of these bras. This is an amazing result of the collaboration between research and companies with available resources.

Along with these inclusive bras, they make a wonderful range of subtly boob-themed products to support the project and promote awareness.

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