Estampe Cosmetics Eco-friendly Gender Inclusive Makeup Brand
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Estampe Cosmetics
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August 18, 2021
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Estampe Cosmetics: our new favorite, eco-friendly, gender-inclusive makeup brand

Makeup has no gender. Deal with it.⁠ This, however, is only one of the many reasons why we fell in love with the brand Estampe Cosmetics. Did we mention that it is a woman owned business, founded by Anne Wonner, and based in Paris, France?

We also love the fact that it is a gender-inclusive brand. Estampe challenges the idea that you have to look or be a certain way in order to use makeup. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, and makeup is there to enhance it. Because, at the end of the day, it is all about self-confidence and feeling good in your own skin.

Another great thing about the brand is that they only use natural ingredients and that their products are ethically made  in Europe. And the cherry on top: their packaging is eco-friendly and reusable! They do not use plastic at all, only recyclable materials, and you can refill the containers when they are empty. What more could we ask for?

Photo credits: Estampe Cosmetics

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