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February 24, 2022
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Official Rebrand reduces, reuses, recycles…and reinvents non-binary fashion

With Official Rebrand, Mi Leggett fights both fashion waste and gender norms, killing two birds with one stone.

Starting as an idea while Mi Leggett was hand-painting penises on clothes for a pop-up shop in a Berlin bathroom stall, Official Rebrand is not like any other brand. The New-York based gender-free & upcycled label makes room for a more inclusive and sustainable fashion.

The designer, Mi Leggett, studied experimental design in Germany. The Berlin queer art scene made them explore and question gender and led them to create Official Rebrand.

Official Rebrand (OR?!) started in 2017 with a goal: intertwining art and fashion into a gender-free brand that would respect its workers and the environment. Most of its garments are upcycled, altered with paint, and reconstructed. Rebranding is a transformative process that dissociates the clothes from their assigned gender category.

Through their different collections, Official Rebrand approaches masculinity, environment, capitalism, and gender fluidity. WHAT IS A MAN? questioned the “man” category. The collection was accompanied by a choreography of repetitive movements, emphasizing gender being a performance and encouraging its evolution.

The collection We Do Not Fit the System and the System Does Not Fit the World focuses on the impact of capitalism. Leggett is very vocal about the importance of sustainability and the urgent need for systemic change. In their interview with Them, Legget insisted that “clothing can’t be queer-affirming in any way if it's not also sustainable.” It is crucial to take into account the most marginalized groups of the community who will be the first victims of climate change. Without actively fighting against climate change, no queer liberation will be possible.

Leggett considers Official Brand as a “gender-free”, and not a “gender-neutral” label, and the nuance is important: Gender-neutral fashion collections are a big problem as they reinforce gender stereotypes. Fast fashion brands with gender-neutral collections are more about surfing on trends rather than giving creative power to trans and non-binary designers. The clothes they produce promote masculine fashion as gender-neutral, making masculinity a default. Instead, Mi Leggett garments leave room for expression, show off the body and let the wearer experiment with them. It does not conceal them under shapeless loungewear.

If the values of Official Rebrand and the boldness of their design inspire you, we invite you to check out their website and start your spring shopping!

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