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June 26, 2023
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Nadia Tarra Serves the Apocalypse That We Fought For

In her latest fashion show titled "Apocalypso," Nadia Tarra, a photographer and artistic director, showcased a collection that embodied the spirit of the apocalypse we have long fought for.

Known for her capsule collections featuring upcycled second-hand clothing, Nadia Tarra brings her unique touch by customizing the pieces with her own photographs. Employing techniques such as serigraphy on denim and fabrics, and introducing embroidery in collaboration with Luana Maurer, this collection pushed the boundaries of her artistic expression.

At the heart of this collection was Nicky, an icon of the apocalypse and a close friend of Nadia Tarra, who is also pole dancer. The show unfolded with a captivating blend of performances and movements, accompanied by the mesmerizing sounds of Mulah. Adding another layer of artistry, the choreography, curated by Chloé Fayolle, featured impressive moves by KT Gorique, Guillaume Cole, Mams, BKJ, and other talented performers.

The fashion show became a melting pot of diverse cultures and artists, as friends of Nadia Tarra from various creative scenes, including rap and voguing, came together to form a cohesive universe on the runway. Unlike her previous collective shows, where the audience was encouraged to participate and create a mass movement, this time, the audience took on a spectator role, sitting back to fully absorb the spectacle. The performances were so impactful that they elicited enthusiastic applause and finger snaps from the captivated audience.

Nadia Tarra's creative process involves sourcing clothing from thrift stores during her travels, resulting in a collection of around forty unique upcycled pieces. Her motivations lie in celebrating and nurturing culture and community, and this collection beautifully encapsulated those values.

If this is what the apocalypse should look like, then consider us ready to embrace it. Nadia Tarra's vision and artistry have merged to create a captivating and thought-provoking fashion experience that challenges conventions and celebrates the power of community and self-expression. Through upcycled fashion and artistic collaboration, she continues to inspire and push boundaries, reminding us that even in the face of an apocalypse, creativity and unity can thrive.

Images courtesy of Dany Niederhauser


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