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December 13, 2023
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Jacqueline Loekito And The Refreshing Wind Of Change In Fashion

In an industry often criticized for its exclusivity and cutthroat culture, Jacqueline Loekito stands as a fresh wind of change—a designer reshaping fashion's narrative by celebrating diversity, fostering authenticity, and championing the freedom of expression for all.

With  her latest collection, "Earthlings," Jacqueline Loekito delves into her diverse cultural heritage, infusing Indonesian and British influences expressed in fabrics and craftsmanship with a contemporary touch that reflects a global identity. Growing up in Indonesia, a country with a diverse yet structured cultural landscape, Loekito was exposed to a myriad of religions and languages, where gender norms are less defined linguistically. This upbringing fuels her rejection of binary gender roles and her commitment to inclusivity and fluidity in design.

In an era of globalization and increasing transborder mobility, the concept of "Earthlings" embodies this blend and celebrates the beauty of cultural convergence. It signifies that our origins shape us but do not confine us. We have the freedom and capability to embrace, celebrate, and blend the different facets of our heritage. From her lived experiences, Jacqueline advocates for diversity. Her commitment to represent the underrepresented—both in model selection and the narratives embedded in her collections—is unwavering

At a time where divisions are often more apparent than connections, Jacqueline Loekito's brand message serves as a poignant reminder that indeed, we are all "Earthlings." Despite hailing from different places, we are all inhabitants of the same planet seeking connection, meaning, and a place we can call "home."

Jacqueline Loekito unveiled her "Earthlings" collection on November 11, 2023, at Kunsthalle Basel in a splendid show rich with a diverse cast, soundtrack, colors and surprises. Her inviting approach really The diverse cast, soundtrack, venue, and performance underscore their sensitive approach to the theme of "home" and the emotions associated with it - inviting you into a marvelous world.

This collection serves as a celebration of diversity, a testament to the interconnectedness of cultures, and a visual narrative that transcends borders, encapsulating the essence of being "Earthlings" - a global community bound by shared experiences and the universal quest for belongingness.

Loekito's unwavering spirit and commitment to authenticity hint at a future that's boundless. Her thirst for exploration and unwavering dedication to inclusivity suggest that the global fashion landscape will witness more of her revolutionary narratives.


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