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Jeanne Friot
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January 30, 2024
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Jeanne Friot: Crafting Sustainable and Gender-Neutral High Fashion

Some people were certainly surprised to see a model wearing a vibrant flowery gown on a feminine model walk a show during the Paris Menswear Fashion Week. Yet this choice comes to no surprise knowing Jeanne Friot and her take on gender in the fashion indsutry.

Established for more than three years now, Jeanne Friot has not only carved her niche but has also become a symbol of environmental responsibility in the fashion industry. The journey of Jeanne Friot’s eponym brand began in 2020, after she gained experience at Maison Kitsuné, APC, and Balenciaga. Embracing independence and representing her queer community, Friot's brand focuses on upcycling—utilizing surplus materials and unsold items from haute couture houses like Louis Vuitton to create luxurious and eco-friendly pieces.

Josephus Thimister (former artistic director of Balenciaga, from 1992-1997 became her mentor and influenced her commitment to deconstructing traditional clothing and gender norms. This dedication is evident in Friot's signature style—a symbol of fashion breaking free from the binary constraints of masculine and feminine.

This strong signature was confirmed during her last show during the Menswear Paris Fashion Week, during which she showcased her expertise and knowledge of the world of queer activism, making her collection a rallying symbol for gender-non conforming and queer people. From black hoodies with powerful slogans to vibrant and textured gowns, Friot pushed beyond the limits of gender in fashion, proving once again that clothes are before anything else a means of expression of oneself. 

Friot isn’t afraid to showcase her art and work on feminine, masculine and gender neutral bodies, shaking the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode at its core. Because as you may already know, while designers are at the forefront of the fight for more inclusivity in fashion from an artistic point of view, the industry itself still has a long way to go in order to really be able to provide an actual genderless or gender neutral fashion.

As of today, Jeanne Friot offers a fresh perspective on narratives and promotes inclusivity in an industry often marred by stereotypes. Her designs echo her commitment to challenging norms and reshaping the fashion landscape. With a blend of sustainability, gender neutrality, and artistic expression, Jeanne Friot continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of high fashion.

Image courtesy of Gabrielle Langevin and Jeanne Friot.


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