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November 27, 2021
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Leftbians Are Crafting The Queer Accessories We Need

Look, we are big fans of jewels and accessories - we cannot help ourselves. But make it queer and make it together as a lesbian couple? Please take all our money.

As the name advertises, Leftbians are a leftist lesbian couple working together to make superb jewels and accessories. Honestly, the name alone is worth the trip - as lovers of puns, we find it just hilarious.

But Leftbians are not just a name. Based in London, they craft beautiful jewelry, ranging from chunky chokers to delicate necklaces and colorful earrings. All of their jewels carry a message as well. They have chokers and necklaces spelling out ‘queer’, ‘dykes’, ‘bi’ and pretty much anything queer you would like to see. They also have a wide variety of pendants the color of pan, bi, lesbian, non-binary, trans etc. flags. Oh, and have we mentioned the iconic ‘be gay do crimes’ heart-shaped earrings?

Leftbians also offer statement tote bags, t-shirts, and prints. Revisited tarot cards, such as ‘the rainbow’, ‘the guillotine’ or ‘scissors’ are available as both cards and prints - because, as cliché as it is, we do love a little tarot-based merch. And their t-shirts spread messages such as ‘Jeff Bezos for dinner’ or ‘Eat the rich’.

An important reminder, as we are right in Black Friday sales. Let us stop supporting big companies exploiting their workers. Instead, let us support small businesses, and especially small queer businesses. So, why not have a look at Leftbians products? You will not be disappointed!

Down below, you will find a small selection of their products that we have picked just for you!

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