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February 4, 2022
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We Cannot Get Enough Of Bebhinn Eilish’s Feminist Designs

We are only humans and, as humans, we have a thing for things of beauty. Especially when you add a little feminism and a little sapphic to the mix. Introducing Bebhinn Elilish’s illustrations.

Picture this: you are browsing on Instagram absent-mindedly, when  you suddenly come across a beautiful account with a strange name - no offense here; as non-native English speakers, we do sometimes struggle a bit with Irish names. Intrigued, you click and voilà, you are catapulted into Bebhinn Eilish’s world.

This feminist Irish artist like to follow the direction her pencils take her to. And we must admit that we love this direction! Under her hands, soft colors bloom on the pages; nuances of blue, nudes and yellow, giving a very soothing feeling.

What we particularly love in her drawings is the way she designs women. Body hair, stretch marks, stomach rolls, vulvas, nothing is hidden and everything is declined in their beautiful variety. If you love women, we can only recommend you to have a look at her art!

Our favorite thing ever? Her very own adaptation of the tarot. We have already talked about tarot, and particularly Kate Wilhite’s take. What can we say? We love tarot decks, we love beautiful stuff and we love powerful women. Combine all three and you just won us over. Plus, Bebhinn adds the cards’ meaning to her illustrations - a great bonus.

If you are an artist yourself, Bebhinn’s account could be a gold mine for you. On top of her art, she talks a lot about her own doubts and what you can feel as an artist. She encourages you to explore, make mistakes and let your art grow. All in all, a beautiful human being!

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