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Jesse Glazzard
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March 18, 2024
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The Lens of Jesse Glazzard's Queer Experience

Jesse Glazzard is a photographer who is known for their captivating imagery and their dedication to representation, community-building, and social change. Based in London, Glazzard's work provides an authentic exploration of queer identity, challenging stereotypes and advocating for a more inclusive creative industry.

From a young age, they felt the absence of representation. They were determined to change that and embarked on a journey of self-expression through photography. They captured tender portraits of their community which celebrate the diversity found under the umbrella of queerness. Their work serves not only to improve LGBTQ+ visibility but also to inspire young people from working-class backgrounds to pursue careers in the creative arts.

In 2017, Glazzard established the Moist Collective which provides a platform for queer womxn and non-binary artists to present their work. This project not only amplifies the voices of marginalized individuals but also cultivates a sense of belonging and unity within the LGBTQ+ community. By organizing exhibitions and collaborations, Glazzard creates opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their talents, which challenges the notion that the creative industry should be restricted to the middle class.

Glazzard initially focused on film photography and self-portraiture. However, the COVID-19 pandemic posed challenges that prompted them to adapt their approach. To embrace new technologies and creative methods, Glazzard started shooting friends over FaceTime and delved into scriptwriting for an autobiographical short film. This shift reflects their desire to explore broader themes beyond gender and sexuality, envisioning a world where identity is celebrated but not defined by societal labels.

Central to Glazzard's work is the desire to influence the future by advocating for a more inclusive and accepting society. They aim to create equal opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds in the fashion and art industries by challenging systemic barriers that perpetuate inequality. Glazzard's art and activism strive to create spaces where marginalized voices are heard and valued, paving the way for a more equitable future. They capture the beauty and complexity of the queer experience through their lens, challenging stereotypes and advocating for a more inclusive future.


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