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Kate Wilhite
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January 27, 2022
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Kate Wilhite Is Watercolor Painting A Queer Tarot Deck

Listen, we are super excited about this project. About Kate Wilhite’s work in general, also, but specifically about her queer tarot deck - it looks exactly like you are dreaming it.

Let us start at the beginning. Kate Wilhite is an American artist and painter living in Salt Lake City, Utah. And it so happens that the place she lives in has a fundamental importance for her work and her artistic vision.

Because of the dominance of oppressive religion in her State, the queer community there lives in a queer-made bubble, having managed to create a space where they can live peacefully.

It is precisely this kind of space that Kate likes to explore in her work: the in-between, the liminal spaces outside of the binary. For this, she juxtaposes contrasting colors, mixing opposites. Her paintings celebrates queer identity, radical authenticity and resilience.

She addresses common issues such as isolation, self-medication, the construction of identities and so on. This exploration also confronts her to her own queer identity, its construction and its radical authenticity - and we must admit, we really love the concept of queer radical authenticity.

Kate’s paintings often showcase women and feminine looking bodies in all their diversity. Might we add that we particularly love how she adds tattoos and piercings in her work - but, again, that is not really surprising as she loves to paint queerness.

Which brings us to her later work: the queer tarot deck. She has revisited and queerified - if that is a thing; if not, it should be - the main tarot cards. The High Priestess, The Fool, The Magician, The Devil and others are all redrawn in her raw, watercolor style. And the result is amazing. Have a look for yourself right down below!

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