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Oh De Laval
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August 15, 2022
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Welcome to the world of Oh de Laval's exceptional art

Centered around deviation and true human nature the artist’s vibrant artwork is thought provoking. It is wonderfully macabre and brutally honest. 
Oh de Laval, otherwise known as Olga Pothipirom is a Polish/Thai artist. Now Paris based, the young woman delivers a very witty and bold perspective on the human experience and behaviour. Having studied various sociological movements, her art seeks to shed light on human hedonism and the absurdity of certain moments in life. Her work is ironical in its essence and captures harsh and strong emotions.
 Her depictions, though very sexual and evocative of art, manage to emanate playful and naïve sentiment. One can feel the nuances and deep psychological references in the savage scenes she captures.
 With most of her fantasies or dreams depicted, the scenes unfold in an intense moment and often catch protagonists in action. Although these are largely invented scenarios, her art is provocative and profoundly absorbing.When seeing it one cannot remain unwavered. It is a sweet blend of grotesque and naive, violence and suave: this is what makes the artist so special in today's artistic landscape.
Her characters are often set in lush and luxurious spaces, mainly cheerful and full of colour.  Bare-chested and frivolous women accompanied by sadistic looking men often grinning or grimacing. The scenes, however romantic and playful, often conceal something troubling. Her representations are deeply political; the secular joy of men and her rendering of sex and eroticism call into question the norms and sexuality of our time.
With multiple collaborations over the years, Oh de Laval has amassed a true fan base, including on Instagram. She continues to amaze and defy her audience with her thought-provoking art. Mastering from one painting to another the art of bizarre eroticism with a hint of dark humour. We, look forward to seeing where her rocambolesque aesthetic will take her next !


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