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Laura Thiong-Toye
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May 13, 2022
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Discover Laura Thiong-Toye's dreamy artistic universe

Laura Thiong-Toye's work is perhaps, above all, a playground. The disparate images meet, seem to discuss or fight, as on a remote island at the crossroads of cultures. It is interesting to note that the artist's family is originally from Reunion Island, a hotbed of cultural mixing.

Echoing this process, Laura Thiong-Toye offers a relaxed proposal on the history of art where the funny, the ugly, the sacred, the beautiful and the subtle cohabit and find a place that seems to have always been theirs.

Laura Thiong-Toye (1986) is a Swiss artist who lives and works in Geneva. During her studies at the HEAD-Geneva, she collaborated with the duo Thiong-Toye/Racine, which lasted for 8 years and that allowed her to win the Berthoud Prize (2015) and participate in the Swiss Art Awards (2014).

Since 2018, she's been doing a personal plastic research and presents her work in various exhibitions: at Halle Nord, Geneva for the Act-Art grant (2020), at the Wilde Galerie in Basel for the Picker prize nominees (2020), at the CHUV in Lausanne for the Alice Bailly foundation prize (2021) or at the Yohood gallery in Shanghai (2018).

Her research revolves around a daily practice of painting that also extends to sculpture and installation. These current paintings take vases and flowers as a pretext to play playfully with shapes, colors and patterns. They integrate different elements coming from very diverse places, times and socio-cultural categories. The painted space then becomes a playground where these images that could not have met elsewhere can dialogue happily.

The works you will find on this page were presented during Art Geneva, when Laura Thiong-Toye was named winner of the act-art 2020 competition, Waiting Room at the Halle Nord.


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