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August 29, 2022
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Robin Bervini plunges us into his incredible virtual universe

Robin Bervini, a Swiss artist, works on increasingly immersive experiences. He often sheds light on societal issues as well as exploring more personal issues. His art and visuals push his audience to reflection.
Initially experimenting with film photography, he turns to new techniques: 3D modelling and virtual reality. He graduated with his bachelor’s and his master’s degree at ecal (cantonal school of art in Lausanne), and now holds a position of assistantship there while working independently.
Born of a biracial union, Bervini often felt excluded growing up in Ticino. Indeed, his existence and identities were/are often questioned and subjected to many forms of racism. A deep search for identity begins in the young man. Inevitably, he remains marked and decides to talk about it in his art. In a digital space he expresses himself and takes his audience as a witness.
Taking the digital world, where everything is smooth and perfect, he creates a shock: oppressions and traumatic experiences are recreated.
Oppressive words and situations lived, transcribed. Often him and his alters portrayed and depicted; A total immersion in intense and meaningful situations.
Through this medium the viewer feels empathic and gets to live a little more “in the skin of”. A world that for the one, is a flight is a way of understanding for the other.
A virtual reality where the possibilities of expression are new and where the people put forward can share their experiences. A current more than adapted to give a voice and a platform to certain minorities. An immersion that makes you think and that, given its incarnate nature, destroys certain barriers. A strength that the young artist continues to exploit and explores.
After being exhibited around the world, his works will soon be showcased in Geneva. As part of the exhibition Revolution Collective, from 16 September to the 31 October at Quartier Libre !


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