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Flo Brooks
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March 4, 2024
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Flo Brooks's Chronicles of Domestic Queer Chaos

Flo Brooks's art invites viewers to reconsider the landscapes of everyday life, revealing the hidden complexities and contradictions that shape our understanding of self and society. Through humor, irony, and detail, Brooks offers a glimpse into a world where queerness thrives among the chaos of the mundane, inviting us to embrace the beauty of complexity.

Flo Brooks is a British artist known for evoking queer and trans experiences in crowded domestic scenes. Their paintings offer a new perspective on everyday life, filled with humor, irony, and subtle references that invite viewers to engage deeply with the complexities of societal norms and personal identity.

Brooks, who identifies as transgender, infuses their works with insights drawn from their own journey, particularly through Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT). These experiences manifest in playful clues scattered throughout the paintings, from labels on cleaning products to the dynamics of relationships depicted.

In their art, the domestic scenes become a stage where multiple narratives intersect, challenging conventional hierarchies and reflecting the fluidity of human interactions. The meticulously detailed scenes show the complexities of contemporary existence, where the mundane and the profound coexist in a dance of contradictions.

One aspect of Brook's work is their exploration of community, whether it be family, friends, or broader support networks. In an interview, Brooks emphasizes the importance of integrating diverse voices and subjectivities into their visual narratives, creating works that transcend linear storytelling and embrace the richness of collective identity.

The artist's distinctive "cut-out" presentation adds another layer of intrigue to their paintings, drawing inspiration from sources as varied as comic strips and theatre sets. This format not only enhances the sense of movement and narrative flow but also reflects the themes explored within the artworks themselves.

Brooks's engagement with collage and autobiographical texts deepens the personal resonance of their work, offering glimpses into the artist's own experiences and memories. However, Brooks maintains a critical stance towards nostalgia, recognizing its potential to romanticize the past and obscure the realities of the present.

In their solo exhibition titled "Scrubbers," they tackled themes of cleanliness, normativity, and labor through a series of acrylic paintings. The works explore how institutional spaces reinforce or challenge societal norms, particularly those related to gender and sexuality.

As visibility for trans and gender non-conforming artists continues to grow, Brooks remains cautiously optimistic about its impact. While celebrating the recognition of fellow artists, they also acknowledge the risk of tokenism and superficiality within the art world. They emphasize the importance of genuine engagement with their work, beyond mere labels or identities.


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