Alexandre haefeli swiss romantic photographer
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Alexandre Haefeli
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August 26, 2022
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Alexandre Haefeli’s photography is deeply enthralling

Swiss photographer Alexandre Haefeli captures unique clichés and cultivates an incomparable aesthetic.
Haefeli, originally from Switzerland, now lives in Paris. Graduate with a bachelor’s in photography at ECAL, he is now more than ever, making a name for himself, in his milieu.
His art often depicts intimate scenes, mixing nature with for the most part, male bodies. It brings fantasy and erotism to the table while being idyllic. The profoundly evocative art succeeds in bringing a touch of romance. Male erotica revisited and magnified: a unique vision and faithful to the work of Haefeli.
The playful yet deeply meaningful work is radiant and colourful. A seductive aesthetic amassing many supporters of the artist throughout the years. The reversal of codes and clichés is an absolute charm here. A dichotomy between suggestion and revelation; absolutely delightful.
Both his personal and commissioned work bear his signature and retain this genuine essence. He has worked for several magazines over the years (Libération, NEON) and getting his work published for names such as Vogue, Vice and T Le Temps. Whilst showing vulnerability and tenderness in his work regardless of its platform.
Inspirational, dreamy, dare we say heavenly: A description of Alexandre Haefeli’s photographic work.
We look forward to seeing more of the artist’s projects!


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