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September 1, 2022
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Cassils: the body at the service of activism

The visual artist uses their body as a main actor in their performances. Especially focused on live performances of all types: whether it be sculpture, sound or photography their work is poignant and questioning.
Canadian-born Cassils explore the history of LGBTQI+ violence, lack of or mis-representations, struggle and power. Using their body and engaging in struggles, transforming the whole into social sculptures. On the basis of feminism, conceptual and body art, the artist train said body to various performative tasks that take into account extreme physical and psychological endurance.
Cassils explore the concept of gender identity and reject traditionally assigned roles and identities. More specifically,  gender binaries, The artist interpret transgender not as a passage from one sex to another, but rather as an ongoing process of becoming, a form of incarnation that functions in a space of indeterminacy, and non-stop growth. Relying on conceptualism, and gay masculine aesthetics, Cassils showcase and sculpts a variety of bodies powerfully trained for different performing purposes. It is with sweat, blood and nerves that they build a visual critique around ideologies and morals.
This process was mainly acquired during their studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design(NSCAD), a school recognised for its experimental approach in the 70s. A radical approach and exploration of different less traditional vectors. An influence that is clearly felt in Cassils’ artistic journey.
Transphobia is crushing and trans stories systematically invalidated and erased: this is what the artist is fighting today.
With the rise of extreme right-wing discourse, causing, more hate crimes against trans people, this work is more than necessary and urgent.
 A practice that is certainly unconventional, but very striking and touching. Their art exemplifies the oppression and constant persecution of the trans community. Activist in its essence the art remains through decades, always immensely inspiring.


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