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Gina Bolle
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April 19, 2023
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Gina Bolle: Social Injustice Through the Lens

Gina Bolle is a visual artist and photographer originally from Munich, Germany, who is currently studying for her Master's in Photography at ECAL/Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne. Before starting her master's degree, Gina worked as a freelance photographer in Munich, where she focused mainly on assignments related to feminist and human rights issues.

For Gina, her artistic practice has always been about bringing awareness to social injustice. She strives to use her art to enlighten others on issues of gender equality and human rights. During her time at ECAL, she was able to further explore these topics, drawing from her personal experiences with misogyny and harassment, which she witnessed from her personal's surroundings up to political regimes.

Her current project, her diploma project, explores the concept of the camera as a weapon. She refers to constant observation, judgment, and humiliation through the lens. This idea is particularly relevant in today's world where social media platforms have become ubiquitous, and people are increasingly scrutinized and judged online.

Gina's work is both powerful and thought-provoking. Through her photography, she confronts difficult and uncomfortable truths about our society and human nature. Her photographs are not just beautiful images, but rather a medium to raise awareness of social issues and injustices.

In a world that is often consumed by images and media, Gina Bolle's work reminds us of the importance of using photography and art as a means of reflection and change. Her approach to photography is a testament to the power of the medium and its ability to inspire and challenge us to take action against social injustices. As Gina continues to create, she inspires others to use their art to fight for a better future.

We can't wait to let you discover Gina's vision through our art exhibition in Geneva!

Images courtesy of the artist


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