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Lyn Bentschik
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May 3, 2023
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A Contemporary Queer Perspective With Lyn Bentschik's Performances

Lyn Bentschik (they/them) is a Zürich based multimedia artist working in the field of (expanded) choreography and performance. They studied Contemporary Dance Performance at Uniarts Stockholm and Choreography at ZHdK. Besides, they had the opportunity to perform in Marina Abramović’s -a pioneer of body art- Europe-wide exhibition "The Cleaner" and to be a part of the documentary "Homecoming: Marina Abramović and her Children". In 2020, Lyn received the Dance Prize from the City of Zürich.

Lyn is a truly original artist whose works are as diverse as they are meaningful, through a contemporary queer perspective. From bold and vibrant performances to delicate and intricate creations, each piece is a testament to Lyn's boundless creativity and unique perspective. No two works are ever the same, yet all share a powerful and profound message that is impossible to ignore. Whether exploring themes of body, work, or nature, Lyn's works are a testament to the power of art to inspire us all. Their versatility and creativity have earned them important recognition in the industry.

With each piece, Lyn transports us to a new and fascinating world. Through the show Biomorphil, Lyn Bentschik has been inspired by the symbiotic social structures we find in nature like coral reefs or forests. They created a little ecosystem that consists of humans, textiles, portable loudspeakers, and moving lights and deals with the subjects of confrontation, relationships, and presence. Lyn enjoys exploring the creative potential of limitations and often push the extreme to find the center. In the « Schaufenster » performance, Lyn Bentschik spends one hour and nine minutes in a shop window, changing into various outfits while being observed by passersby. By transitioning between different outfits, they explore the concept of fluid and multifaceted identity. This deconstructs the common stereotype of the artist as a solitary genius secluded in their studio, detached from society. Lyn showcases the various roles they have held in the workforce by wearing different uniforms, and challenging sociological norms.

That's only a small piece of a big puzzle. For our queer art exhibition in Geneva, the artist will present a never-before-seen performance. So let yourself be surprised by their universe!

Images courtesy of Tren Guerrero


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