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Talaya Schmid
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November 15, 2022
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Talaya Schmid; deconstruction and safe spaces through art and performances

Whether through sculpture, tufting performing or more recently teaching, Talaya is an intersectional feminist staple in the swiss activist landscape

Well-known for her colorful "soft sculptures," the artist doesn't hesitate to transcend the different mediums to convey her strong message. She is dismantling the patriarchic ways of thinking and instilling safe spaces where one can feel surrounded by love and discover themselves.

Impactful and colorful visual art, reappropriating words and symbols used to stigmatize female body characteristics. Questioning our vision of beauty and all the injunctions forced on women under the umbrella of a male-dominated society. Using video and performance while staging her "soft sculptures"- tufted and soft sculptures illustrate Vulvas playfully and colorfully. Taking up space in art with a medium and images often dismissed by the elitist and still male cannoned art milieu.

Also interested in porn and how the body is viewed in this industry. The artist explores how female pleasure is ostracized and made taboo or repressed. She pushes a narration of self-discovery and guiltless exploration of one's desires—all with pride, joy, and a loving setting.

She is established in the Swiss metropole of Zurich,  notably with the pornydays: an annual film and art festival on sexualities and gender she has co-founded and curated since 2012. Thus giving thorough limelight to subjects so far too little addressed.

A political celebration of the body, taking a stance for people who define themselves as women and starting a discussion where the concerned being have a voice.

A versatile multidisciplinary whiz fighting and taking a stance on individual freedom through immersion and questioning underlying power inequalities - that is Talaya Schmid for you!

Her artwork is featured in Zurich at our Collective (R)evolution exhibition until the 20th of November.

The Pornydays festival is on the 23. — 27. Nov. 2022 in Zurich. More Infos on: https://www.pornydays.love/progra

Photographic courtesy of Talaya Schmid credit to Anne Morgenstern, and Michel Gilgen


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