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August 5, 2022
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Why Monica Hernandez is a name you should add to your repertoire

In trying to refresh my repertoire of contemporary artists Monica Hernandez's name came up, we immersed ourselves in the work of the young woman and are here to highlight it.
Monica great gal, also known as Monica Hernandez is a NYC based artist and content creator. Born and partly raised in the Dominican Republic her family then proceeded to move to the States. She offers a unique perspective on femininity and its taboos, particularly in the Latinx community. And exploring subjects such as sex, religion and mental health. Her deeply evocative art aims to represent and portray black women in spaces that don’t necessarily belong to them. Presenting topics she herself has lacked representation while growing up. 
Her love of art, tough not supported by her peers at first, led her to enrol at hunter college in New York where she graduated as an art major in 2017. There and after, she has evolved considerably and has taken the time to reflect on her art and her raison d'être as an artist. A reflection you can clearly sense trough her artwork.
Her subjects are often depicted in movement engaging in an all-day activity, but are imbued with a sense of vulnerability. Even with the artist's use of deep-seated stigmas and traditions, the work still exudes freedom and freshness. Her choice of bold colours and themes makes her work unmistakable. The style is real and raw but at the same time familiar and warm. She manages to transmit her feelings and experiences in such a thoughtful and balanced way.
A year ago, to convey her thoughts and feelings through another medium, Hernandez opened her own eponymous YouTube channel. There, the content varies from political and societal essays to more everyday content. Be sure to check it out on a chill night in!

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