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Jonathan Apelbaum
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November 8, 2023
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Brushes, Beats, and Bare Skin: The Studio Apelbaum Experience

In the heart of Berlin's vibrant cultural scene, Studio Apelbaum emerges as a unique and innovative space that transcends traditional artistic boundaries. Founded by Jonathan Apelbaum, who transitioned from engineering to a full-time career in art, Studio Apelbaum has become a beacon of creativity, merging art, technology, and personal identity in a thought-provoking and immersive manner.

The brainchild of an artist and their collaboration with sound designer and multimedia artist Davide Serpico, Studio Apelbaum seeks to engage the audience in a deeply immersive experience. The driving force behind this venture is the desire to blur the lines between the observer and the artwork, offering a distinctive perspective on Berlin's queer culture, gender, and sexual identity.

Inspired by personal experiences within the Berlin queer scene, the studio aspires to inject fresh, diverse perspectives into the city's art scene. Studio Apelbaum invites people from all walks of life to come together in a creative environment, symbolizing a safe haven for the Berlin club culture. Here, powerful moments of sexual connection and self-discovery are transformed into compelling art.

The final artwork takes the shape of cognitive paintings. These paintings are layered with the participants' stories, depicting pain, growth, sex, family, tragedies, and hope using the vivid and expressive medium of oil painting and lights. The resulting series forms a cube that beckons viewers to become an integral part of the artwork, encouraging them to explore the intricate layers of meaning within.

Studio Apelbaum represents a fusion of traditional art, cutting-edge technology, and an unapologetic exploration of personal identity. It challenges societal norms, offering an alternative perspective that resonates with Berlin's dynamic cultural landscape. As the studio continues to evolve, it remains a testament to the power of art to inspire, question, and transform.

The performance "The Queer Last Supper" will be shown in Berlin on Novembre 9th 2023 at Studio Apelbaum, The Q, 2UG rechts, Friedrichstrasse 69, 10117 Berlin. Click here to register!


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