Fredster french artist queer watercolor paintings
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June 21, 2022
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In the sensual cotton candy universe of Fredster

Pale silhouettes basking in an endless sun, sensuous and faceless, are seemingly inviting us to a world of pastel and neverending summer. But is there more hiding behind? Fredster, master of this dreamy yet mysterious realm, is one of the featured artists of Collective (R)evolution.

Growing up in a small northern town in France, Fredster studied arts in Belgium before moving to Paris. There, he spent his days split between his job as an art director in a communication agency and his own artistic activities. A man of many hats, Fredster used to DJ at queer parties before entirely focusing on his art projects. Striking by their uniqueness and recognizable palette, Fredsters’ watercolor paintings emerge from a multifaceted process.

Constantly browsing the internet, Fredster draws inspiration from pictures he finds during his long online dives. His work is also fed by his own experiences, always containing some autobiographical elements -and sometimes event portraits-.

Now based in Nantes his work has been displayed in galleries and art festivals around Germany, Canada, Italy, and France.

His watercolors, always in pastel shades, carry the viewer into a dreamlike world, a world that is haunted by solitary ghosts in search of themselves, but who invite the viewer to participate in erotic fantasies. Masculine figures freed from gender stereotypes are immersed in this parallel universe. Sometimes we see them tied up, blindfolded, struggling to break free or lending themselves to the game. In other depictions, they emerge shy and melancholic, or they stand out heroically as a mythical apparition within a fuchsia, yellow and blue mist. In many scenes, we see them resting in bed or chilling out under the sun, enjoying a drink with their friends: scenes of everyday life, in a queer utopia marked by light-heartedness and conviviality.


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