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Alex Foxton
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May 6, 2024
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Alex Foxton Into Masculinity and Desire

British artist Alex Foxton’s work captivates audiences and reshapes our perceptions of masculinity and archetypes with a profound sense of desire.

Foxton, a fashion designer by profession, portrays sensuous figures in his paintings. He skillfully uses a blend of bold hues and pastel shades to bring out the sensuality in his art. In his previous works, he had explored the homoeroticism of Saint George's narrative. However, in his latest endeavor, he focuses on the gay community of New York City. His paintings offer a nuanced perspective on contemporary expressions of identity and desire.

Foxton's latest artwork explores the intricacies of masculinity, desire, and the modern human experience. His paintings, created using oil-based paints and occasionally with subtle hints of glitter, offer a glimpse into introspective worlds where figures seamlessly merge into fluid compositions. Departing from his vertical format, Foxton boldly experiments with diverse surfaces and sizes, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the multifaceted layers of his artistic vision.

Foxton recognizes the delicate balance between pleasure and violence inherent in the act of painting. He draws inspiration from various sources, merging past failures and new insights to create compositions that are deep and complex.

Foxton's art may owe its timeless appeal to this juxtaposition of unexpected elements, whether in the form of glittering accents or subtle nuances of expression. This brings a transformative experience for viewers, inviting them on a journey of introspection and discovery.


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