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Michaela Stark
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August 8, 2022
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Michaela Stark is here to shake the lingerie game up

Michaela Starks' work is truly breathtaking and out of this world, her unique silhouettes create an aesthetic we fell in love with.
Michaela Starks' work is truly breathtaking and out of this world, her unique silhouettes create anaesthetic we fell in love with.
Brisbane born designer and artist, Michaela Stark is shaking the beauty standards in lingerie and body wear. After studying fashion in Australia, she continued by take residences in Europe, and eventually established herself in England. And is now, undergoing one at Sarabande Foundation: The Lee Alexander McQueen foundation. 
Her work seeks to elevate plus sized bodies and build a new perception of them. Deconstructing the male gaze by modelling and disfiguring silhouettes, her designs truly revolutionize the lingerie game. She is setting a new beauty standard and her disfigured figures still have an endearing feel to it. Her style is marked by this"morphing" of the body. It forms and moulds itself around her work and creates a singular and extraordinary vision.
Stark, based for the most part on Instagram, often blends her creations with photographic work. There, she established herself as her own muse and puts her body in service of her craft. Her posts are marking: folds of skin in a cloth enveloped and squished, anaesthetic to which the Western eye is not very accustomed. She embraces distortion and uses it as a tool of freedom. Weaponizing features that society and the male gaze regard as unflattering.
Inspired by designers such as McQueen and Westwood, the young artist is making a statement in high fashion. Her pieces for the most part hand-stitched were recently showcased by Beyoncé herself. Stark is making a statement in today’s fashion, we are eager to see what she will do next!


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